The Story Behind Paramount Discoveries' Research Philosophy
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Paramount Discoveries closely follows the scientific method, a process that allows scientists to compile accurate and consistent information before research is presented.

As most scientists follow, Paramount Discoveries uses the scientific method to study the “cause and effect” relationships in nature. We design an experiment to see if changes made to an object or element can cause it to react in a way we previously predicted.

Using the scientific method, we exclude beliefs and perceptions influenced by cultural, social and personal factors that can affect our ability to develop a theory. In the scientific community, adhering to the scientific method helps prevent such influences of bias or prejudice in the experimental process when testing a hypothesis or theory.

We follow the scientific method using the following criteria.

1. Question the possibilities and outcomes from a proposed experiment to help measure the results.
2. Conduct thorough observation and description of a phenomenon.
3. Formulate a hypothesis to explain how the phenomena occurred. The hypothesis often takes the form of a casual mechanism or a mathematical relation in physics.
4. Use the hypothesis to predict if other phenomena exist or predict the results of new observations.
5. Analyze all data and conclude the findings in a well-documented report for review.

The scientific method is an intricate component in science, and the process of human inquiry that impacts modern society in many ways. Although the scientific method seems simple and logical, there is no more complex question than how we come to discover how things work. The scientific method stands apart from other forms of explanation because it requires a system of experimentation, which Paramount Discoveries emphasizes in research and testing.


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